Thursday, November 26, 2015

Parade for Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira--Go-Go!!! Adult themes??

All five of us wives will be there,
just for you, Sweetie, Honey
Pie, Sugar lips!
   We have been hearing rumors that the recently elected District 3 Supervisor Oliveira is not happy with his bad reputation thus far with both business owners and residents.

  At the Tuesday November 24, 2015 Calaveras Supervisors meeting Oliveira announced a Parade will be given "in his honor" very soon.

    Places of ill repute, such a bars, are the favorites to enter, and there are no holds barred for adult themes? His kind of fun???

   "I'm gonna be popular one way or another!" is the quote we heard.

   An anonymous source had previously mentioned that he may be using the newly organized Calaveras KKK Project to organize and run it, but to ride in it, you must be kkk proven through and through, by your lewd acts and violent racist behavior.

   We understand that threats to the President DO count as a qualifier, as well as violently beating a minority while in custody and will receive extra points.  Go Ollie!!


Anonymous said...

I was told the parade will be from white pines park to the logging museum and back. most of it probably shouldn't be seen by kiddos

Anonymous said...

Its all the fault of the churches, who were against pot and it seems they really like 5 time losers--they deserve what they get.