Saturday, November 28, 2015

University of Alberta responds about polar bear collar

   We were pleasantly surprised to get a response from the University of Alberta administration after sending them an email about our concern for Andy the polar bear.

   To consolidate their message, they indicate that while it is nearly dark for 24 hours a day at this time in the area the bear was spotted, Susan Babcock (Alberta Head of Ethics) says they do appreciate and share our concerns for the well-being of the bear.

   She states that the University, in association with associates in the US and Canada, plan to do everything they can to re-locate the bear and remove the collar.

   They also indicate studies are being done to make sure an emergency release works on collars that are not working properly/or are too tight. 

  We will follow up in a short time to see if the bear is located and the collar is removed.



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