Monday, May 16, 2016

Calaveras Planning Commissioner Tunno was telling Supervisor Kearney how to vote???

   Very interesting in his final remarks at the last Calaveras Planning Commission that David Tunno admitted that he resigned because his Supervisor, Kearney did not vote the way he had told him to vote on marijuana.

   Two other Tea Party spokespeople, Reinke, who heads up the county Tea Party and McmAnus of the McmAnus Project Tea Party praised Tunno for his work. Hip! Hip! Barufff!  Hip! Hip!  Baruff!! Now you can all climb back under your rocks!!


Anonymous said...

I have never discussed a vote with Steve Kearney, nor he with me. Not ever.
David Tunno

Anonymous said...

FYI Big Pot McAnus and Tea Party Tunno will be experiencing more legal problems shortly.They will be headed for bankruptcy after this round. No games here