Friday, May 13, 2016

Jim Behm and other drunks reported to Fish and Wildlife and Calaveras Sheriff!!

   It is true, as many have heard, that we have reported Jim Behm, who lives on Blue Jay Drive in Hathaway Pines, who we suspected of baiting and hunting poor wildlife in the residential area
of what was once a peaceful neighborhood., along with his other drunken friends, using game cameras.

   Fish and Wildlife flatly refused to investigate and then we were told by an anonymous source that actually Eric Kleinfelter and a guy named Magladry were assisting them, using cameras and even built a blind with a trap to make their crossbow hunting easier.

   Then we asked for assistance from our Assemblyman Bigelow. Good luck to anyone who tries to get their help.  He emailed that F&W told him they were way too busy to investigate.  What a lie that way.  We've seen F&W employees and others have told us about them.

    The cameras are always set up on a well-known wildlife trail, where deer and all other wildlife travel to eat from the cherry trees, apple trees, wild plum trees, peach trees and grapes on our property.  The wildlife are welcome on our land. It's the crazy drunkards and PTSD crazies that are banned! 

   We are now allowing the blackberries to grow back so that they have more to eat and put out water buckets for them all.   It is sad that F&W encourages these mental cases to hunt and torture the wonderful animals. We are also aware of a dog they tortured.


Anonymous said...

I think that Preston put all these people up to it. Are they really that scared of that pukehead??

Anonymous said...

It appears that Jim Behm is NOT the person I thought he was. Has he been arrested again?