Monday, May 16, 2016

The Pine Needle Crisis/Scandal in Calaveras District 3

Remember when Needle-Pak
used to take our needles and
make beautiful things to ship
around the world?
   Nothing has been done by Calaveras District 3 Supervisor Oliveira to handle the problem with disposing of pine needles and other forest debris from cleaning lots and residents yards.

   Meeting after meeting and a lot of complaining, yelling and using terms
like "Pine Needle Nazi's" has not brought about any results.

   If the Fire Department starts fining people who can't find a place to dump their yard waste, there could be actual revolt against Oliveira. It is now a scandal in Ebbetts Pass and will become a fire crisis this summer. 

   One person told us the people who clean properties are charging something like $500
per yard or lot because Oliveira told them to. Most of this is to drive the pine needles to Milton.

   Fire officials have requested that residents not call them the "Pine Needle Nazis", but Supervisor Oliveira looks around like he's in a mental mire.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried putting them in a compost pile and using them in the garden. The acid neutralizes as they break down. Maybe even a chipper to chop them up first.

Anonymous said...

You can dispose of your pine needles at Gene Miller rock yard on Hwy 4. Doesnt seem like a supervisors job to dispose of pine needles. If he decides to do so I have allot he can come over and clean up. I promise I will vote for him

Anonymous said...

ooooh, luv the last one. So tru about olivera and his bunch of wierdos.