Friday, May 13, 2016

Warning to Calaveras residents: Beware of drunken Tea Party violence

  In the past 8 years everyone knows that the level of hatred and violence has increased and that racism is a part of that increase.  Their alcoholism has demented
their minds and the violent threats and racial hatred comes out.

   Yes, even in Calaveras County Trumps Tea Party racist are extremely active. Since there are few blacks to hurt, they go after people who are anti-racist, anti-tea party, anti-violence, especially gun violence.

   Please be warned; the Calaveras Sheriff's Office refuses to warn the public about this or other terrorist threats. Why? Because they are supportive of these lowlife creeps. 

    You have nothing to fear from marijuana farmers, anymore than of grape farmers. Be afraid; be very afraid of trolls, of drunkards, of PTSD's who the Sheriff allows to carry guns, of dirty, filthy cops and their NAZI wives and of the three Supervisors who sleep with them and drink with them.

   Do no allow your children to go out alone, especially at night, and women should
never go anywhere alone if possible. Calaveras County has become a dangerous place because of the Tea Party presence. 

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Anonymous said...

I know three of them personally are total drop-over drunks. How they ever kept their jobs to retire is beyond me.