Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Extremists are the Problem in Calaveras! Religion, racism, anti-growth, asphalt

  Not just in Calaveras County, but around the country, extremism has caused destruction, violence and overwhelming anger.

   In Calaveras County, while the anti-growth electorate
was in charge, Resolution 07-242 passed, and killed all jobs worth having in the county.

  Then people like Oliveira, Kearney and Edson were elected, who continue to not want to get rid of 07-242, but love ASPHALT plants in residential areas, give their favorite developers million dollar favors, and spend their time bashing other Supervisor and pooping on the Tea POTTY SEAT!!

   Extremism has destroyed Calaveras on both sides, and religion is unfortunately a big part of it, and it should NOT be involved in government at all!

     We need people in office with moderate views; views that protect the residents, but don't do foolish things to hurt our economy. 

   The three worst at the County are Edson (who is in a runoff and not likely to win in November), Kearney (being recalled as we speak) and Oliveira (who we hear may be recalled at any time).
   Now Mills (another wholehearted Tea Potty pooper) is in bed with Oliveira, and is taking over for the very moderate Debbie Ponte in District 4, another extremist, who is HATED at CCWD.

   Mills has spoken out on bringing RELIGION into the COUNTY laws and boardroom, wanting asphalt plants everywhere, and that racist Planning Commissioners are a good thing.

   Should Calaveras County be worried?? Yes!!!


Anonymous said...

I am VERY worried about our county!

Anonymous said...

Me, too!