Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Never seen an extremist like Calaveras County Judge Healy's wife???

    We thought we had seen extremists; both of the religious fanatic type and of the racist tea party type in Calaveras.

   But we had never seen anything like the wife of Judge Healy, who ranted about cannabis and Calaveras being a drug haven, who obviously knew NOTHING about cannabis, but could not control herself. 

    We feel sorry for the judge, who now everyone we've spoken to says should resign or be recalled.   Fanatical extremists are terrifying, because of the potential for violence if they don't get their way.


Anonymous said...

You mean you didn't know Healy was an extremist?? cmon now!

Anonymous said...

That woman was crazy. And I thought Peter race was a nut case!

Anonymous said...

Probly a drinker. Wasn't she the one that Kuntz people said he was doing? ONe of them I mean,