Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Planning says 150 commercial applicants and 47 personal grows in Calaveras

   The Planning Department of Calaveras County, as of June 20, 2016 has received 150 applications for permits for commercial grows at $5000 each totaling $750,000 so far.

   A member of the audience asked how they got to that amount?  She felt that the amount should be more than $5000 each.  Caz Tomlescewski said that he believes the total will be more like $2 million.

   Judge Healy's wife continued to get up and rant against pot.


Anonymous said...

Rachel Healy is a wacko tea party religious nut. I heard she has had cancer. They better refuse her any cannabis relief. And she's the wife of a JUDGE??? He should be recalled.

Anonymous said...

Tea Party leader Vickie Reinke of the right wing, calls the ban initiative OUR initiative. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Now that we know where Judge Healy stands, he has to recuse himself from any cases involving cannabis. He is a bad judge!!

Anonymous said...

Oliviera tried to get the county to pay for and draft an initiative to ban cannabis $40000 cost. They will collect millions in registration and taxation in the coming year. Why would an elected official not want to increase the county tax base which will guarantee regulation. He was an officer of the law for years. How do you think the deputies get paid?? It takes strong leadership to make decisions that seem against the grain to create a better situation. Kearny was with him in the vote. Obviously both do not have any leadership ability and should not be in office