Thursday, July 7, 2016

Calaveras Supervisors could approve cannabis regulation at next meeting

   On July 12, 2016 at 9 AM the Calaveras Supervisors have on their agenda the decision of whether to simply approve the initiative to regulate marijuana at this meeting or to spend $172,000 of taxpayer money for consultants and over $40,000 on another ballot item in November.

   It seems smart to save all that money and make the regulations permanent, instead of leaving it hanging in the air, especially since the state is likely to approve cannabis for all uses in November.  Some say our Supervisors are not all that SMART!!  We'll see!!


Anonymous said...

Board of Supervisors:

Adopt the initiative to law and show some strong leadership! Leadership is all about being able to make decisions to better the community. The initiative is all about regulation and funding to enforce it. Passive leaders who are afraid of change are just hanging out trying to get re elected, playing it safe. Take the county from being stretched thin with finances to being flush with $$ to fix all the outstanding problems. Here are several: 1 fix all the roads that are being complained about. The library is only open 20 hours per week? Ridiculous. Change that to 60 by hiring a good librarian and staff. Etc. Etc. many good programs will come from this. You guys just received 3.5 million dollars for registration! The tax will bring in tens of millions. Nothing will top this Nothing!!

Anonymous said...

Adopt the initiative! We need permanent regulation and code compliance

JULY 12 BoS Get it right, show some leadership

Anonymous said...

the board has voted on this language several times in favor. If they dont adopt they will show weak leadership and Cliff will be voted out of office and Tofanelli will be the new chair.

Anonymous said...

YEAH! Fix the roads using the $500 Road Impact Mitigation (RIM) annual fee that will be collected from the growers. Didn't the bos approve cannabis as an agriculture product? Why are cannabis growers being charged RIM fees on an annual basis and the cattle industry not be required to pay the same fee? Is that discrimination?