Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Is the CRANE woman running again, for the 50th time??? NO Ditzy Water Birds!!

NO Ditzy Water Birds
   After getting a derogatory comment about the recall of Steve Kearney, we have been asking questions about the Crane woman.

   This woman would do ANYTHING to try and get elected and has run more times than we can count!  Another woman was mentioned, who is referred to as 'nuts' and hanging out at a bulleting board named Janice.  We are investigating.

   What we know about Crane is that she is a "wannabe" star!  She'll do anything for attention, and has. 

   And it has been inferred many times, even by Mr. George Fry, that there is a cuckoo relationship between them. And that's scary!!

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Anonymous said...

your got that right! But most everyone already knows about her.