Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Clear-cutters' ties to Calaveras Community Foundation

Clear-cutting also forces innocent wildlife to try and
exist without habitat or to move into human inhabited areas.
    The SPI (Sierra Pacific Industries) company, who has been clear-cutting in Calaveras and other counties for some time now, promoting global warming, is tied to the Calaveras Community Foundation.

    They reportedly donate money to the foundation, and have just recently given them $2500. Many feel that donations made by SPI are to try and buy silence about their practices.  Many residents avoid organizations who take bribes from SPI.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for revealing this - I was shocked to learn that both a husband (and and his wife)
from SPI were on the Calaveras Fire Safe Council that doles out money - big conflict of interest!

Anonymous said...

Is that the ame one that's on the cal chamber?

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Shocking to hear. Some groups can be bought off.