Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dear Community: About the animals and thank you!

    The Friends of Calaveras Animal Services or FOCAS is a community-based nonprofit organization with its primary goal being to provide a better environment for the animals housed at the Calaveras County shelter.

   Though we recognize the need to in time build a new shelter, FOCAS raises funs to meet the day-too0-day, acute needs of our existing one and its animal population.

   Our recent  Columbus Day weekend yard sale in Mokelumne Hill netted over $6000 from people like you who came out to shop and support the animals.

   With your help, we acquired and refurbished two school portables for new cat housing.  This allowed cats and dogs to be housed in separate buildings - a first four our county - resulting is less-stressed animals, stree-related disease, euthanasia and healthier, more adoptable pets.

   For the older shelter building and grounds, we purchased a professional  wash sink and drying station, outside kennel water misters to keep the dogs comfortable in the heat of summer, three storage sheds, new flooring and more.

   The insides of the kennels have been painted a bright white to see better in the dog runs and make for a more pleasant environment for the animals, staff and visitors.

   We have also provided funding for special adoption events for bot cats and dogs and to transport dogs to second chance training programs when our shelter was full.

   These improvements were made possible by generous donors and committed volunteers working in partnership with Calaveras County Animal Services.

   On behalf of all of us at FOCAS, but most importantly the animals we serve, thank you for your support.  We look forward to accomplishing great things together in 2017 and wish you the very best this holiday season.

   Debbie Beaufort, Chairperson
   Kim deArrillaga, Treasurer
   Michelle Rugo, Secretary
   Peggy Morley, Fundraising
   FOCAS Friends of Calaveras Animal Services


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