Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Calaveras Cannabis Urgency Ordinance is the SCAM!!!

  In another appeal before the  Calaveras Supervisors after a grower was denied a permit to grow cannabis, the attorney made clear what we have felt was true all along.

   You can't deny growers the right to grow without a permit and then also say you must have been growing in the past year in the same ordinance.  It's not just confusing, its almost intentionally false and misleading in its entirety. Lawsuits; we see lawsuits!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sure you can. The Urgency Ordinance is an amnesty program. Under it here will be no new grows going forward but, if you can prove you were growing or had made certain overt acts toward growing, they would grant you amnesty via a permit until a new regulation was put in place or until the state law took control.

It's still a bad ordinance but that's the reason it was put in place.