Tuesday, November 22, 2016

White Supremacists just change names

If you think these sickos are not in Calaveras County,
think again. Be careful! They are crazy and they are dangerous; not
just to minorities, but to anyone who doesn't agree with them!!
   Richard Spencer, who calls the press "lugenpresse" which means lying press, is the newest leader of what is now called the Alt-Right, another name for white supremacists, who support Trump.

   Spread all over the internet, is his most recent speech, calling the white men "people of the sun" and at the end saying Heil Trump!!  The audience chanted back and raised their arms in the Nazi Hitler symbol.  Are you nauseous yet???


Anonymous said...

Nauseous? Yes. Surprised? No.

Anonymous said...

Hey, these are Trump's people!