Saturday, December 31, 2016

Angels Camp City Council 2017--One real gossip problem on council???

Scott Behiel needs to recuse
himself from the Smoking ordinance vote
 due to his own smoking problem
   The Angels Camp City Council will meet on Tuesday January 3, 2017 at the Firehouse at 4:30 PM for three Closed Session items, two anticipated litigation and one to appoint Mary Kelly as City Administrator.

  Then they will swear in the three new City Council members and elect a Mayor.  Many are very concerned about one particular proposed City Council member, who is now well-known to spread false gossip around Angels Camp.  Susan Rudolph, from our personal experience with her, has some problems, and we are so sad about this. 

  None of the new council members were elected by the people.  Hopefully, Amanda Folendorf will be elected Mayor and Scott Behiel as Vice-Mayor.

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Anonymous said...

None of the new council members was elected because people prefer to sit by idly and kibitz (or ribbitz). If you have a problem, get involved! And Behiel does not smoke.