Monday, December 26, 2016

Editor: I wanted a gun for Christmas

    Dear Editor:

    I doubt that I'm alone when I say I actually asked for a handgun
for Christmas this year.  Want to know why?

   I am an ex-Republican who is against guns of all kinds, but with Trumps election I feel I need to protect my family from the violent, war-mongering racists who have taken over our country.

   Racists don't just hate minorities; they hate anyone who disagrees with their hateful, violence-filled thoughts and ways.

   I am also an environmentally worried person, who also feels that women and women only should decide what they do with their bodies.

   I'm not the only one who no longer feels safe in my own home. When I was at a store the other day, a bushy haired man started spouting racist rants and when I disagreed, he became unbelievably angry.

   Until we get rid of Trump and the other sicko racists, I'm staying armed.  Dangerous thugs is what they are!! Please print without my name. Thank you.



Anonymous said...

I can relate to your fears, but did you get it?

Anonymous said...

Guns don't solve the problem. We need to ban all guns. That's the only way.

Anonymous said...

At least the state has tightened assault gun laws. the more the better.