Thursday, December 22, 2016

Arnold shooting mystery solved

      According to the Calaveras Sheriff, the shooting in Arnold on December 8, 2016 led to an investigation and several search warrants were served.

   The result of the investigation led to 2 townhomes on Manual Mill Road
in Arnold where a commercial marijuana grower admitted that he had shot the victim during a robbery attempt at his home.

   He admitted that the two, Hilton and Amma had asked to come in and use his phone and then pulled a gun on him to rob him.

   During the struggle, the grower stated that the gun went off and Hilton was hit. They left and the yet to be named grower did not report the incident because he didn't want another black mark against the cannabis industry in Calaveras County.

   With the assistance of Richmond Police, Hilton and Amma were arrested and booked into the Contra Costa County Jail and will later be transferred to Calaveras County for Robbery and False Imprisonment, plus Criminal Threats. Bail is $100,000.

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Anonymous said...

Just a perfect reason that state regulated distributor needs authorization to do business in Calaveras County. The county could tax each sale as all business and have a secure environment for the sale of cannabis.

Board of Supes just need to place several adendums into their draft ordinance and approve it so all the taxes they will charge can benefit the county