Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Letter to the Editor: Trolls and other racist cowards

    Dear Editor:

    Not sure if my fingers can unthaw enough to write this morning, but here goes.  Last night I went through all the anonymous comments you forwarded me from the local racist TROLL.

   This guy is obviously a worthless coward, who mostly threatens women and spreads hate through the entire community. I'm sure I know who this is and he is such a piece of  s*** who is sick in his mind and body.

   Since he uses names, such as Preston, Stroemeyer, Olivera and the recent and dead Sheriff, he shows me that he is wanting to be famous, but didn't have the brains or sense to make anything of himself.

   Now, I think he's jealous cause he doesn't have a website and has no money, a wife who hates him and no friends outside of his little KKK type circle of dirty cops and other racists and is fixated on homosexual sex with them. 

   A coward like this is clearly not long for this world. He is old and will die a withered up TROLL.

   Thanks for letting me review them.

    A in Ebbetts Pass

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