Tuesday, December 6, 2016

OPED: Are Calaveras County hicks like McmAnus?

    As most everyone is aware, the temporary Sheriff convinced more people to vote against cultivation of cannabis in Calaveras County, and the initiative failed.

   What is completely clear is that only a HICK Sheriff would be able to convince HICK voters to defeat something that is good for Calaveras.

   The District Attorney Yook is now being called a crook in comments, "Crooked Yook!"
because she supports  meth and cocaine and is against cannabis. Have you EVER heard her even ONCE complain about the more serious threats in the county??? Is she a big boozer, and that is that the reason she is against pot? We will attempt to confirm that.

   The California counties who ARE allowing cultivation are thrilled that Calaveras is banning it, because they will make more money and the growers there will have more profits.

   Calaveras County will go back to being the poor, hick county with only criminals growing and getting nothing from it,
like it has for 50 years. 

    How stupid are people to vote no on Measure D????? Don't complain now, when your streets are not repaved or there is not enough help for citizens.

   And now the cannabis alliance has attorneys and plan to SUE the county for BAIT and Switch!  They are correct!  That is exactly what the Board of Supervisors did? 

   They convinced the growers to come out into the open, even made them prove they had been growing previously as a prerequisite to a permit and ordered them to give $5000 to the county. 

   It does seem that the intent was to then ban it and keep their money, make their land worthless and cause them to be arrested.

   Is McmAnus a bigger hick or a lesser hick than the rest???


Anonymous said...

They're getting sued and recalled i hear.

Anonymous said...

But no one ran against yook for da. how come?

Anonymous said...

The one major thing you omitted was the next step this corrupt group of Supervisors and DA will do to the farmers. Why did they make the farmers prove they had been growing in their respective plot prior? IRS investigation is why. Next will be an investigation in back taxes owed. Cant pay? levy the property. Crooked DA and rotten Sheriff

Anonymous said...

Because she is not up for re-election until 2018.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a grower, but I tend to agree with you. It was a set up all along. Corruption is not unusual in these rural counties.

Anonymous said...

Yook, like the Sheriff are not up for re-election until 2018.

Anonymous said...

What can you do about so much corruption. We keep recalling people.

Anonymous said...

The Board of Supervisors has a lot to answer for and I'm glad they are gone, but not everything is on them. The pot growers worked with the supervisors in drafting the Urgency Ordinance. If they have issues with the ordinance they should have read it before filing for a permit. If they didn't pay their taxes the IRS should go after them just like they would go after anyone else. Why should pot growers get a pass on paying taxes?

Measure C was put on the ballot by the BOS. Measure D was not drafted nor put on the ballot by the BOS. Pot growers wrote it and collected signatures to get it on the ballot. Some of the people (myself included) who voted against Measure D did so because it was poorly drafted and to get it modified would have required another ballot measure. Ballot measures can only be modified by ballot measure.

Many of the problems the pot growers face are caused by their own actions of disrespect to people in the community. Some may have cleaned up their act, but after their prior actions they have shown the community, especially Mountain Ranch, that they are just in it for themselves and the money. Caz is a great marketing front for them but the growers are not golden.

Anonymous said...

Adopt or Ban and the county will be tied up with expensive litigation for years. All will be recalled including the appointed sheriff and crooked DA

Anonymous said...

Cannabis Study Session January 31, 2017
The Chief Administrative Officer, Building Official, Sheriff, Auditor, Treasurer/Tax Collector, Environmental Management Agency Director, Public Works Director, and Planning Director all recommend that when the extension of the urgency ordinance is considered on February 14, 2017 that the Board of Supervisors extend the ordinance for the additional year as allowed by state law.

Anonymous said...

The only recalls have been in district 5, Kearney was the last recalled supervisor and soundly removed. Adios, Kearney!