Monday, April 17, 2017

Bright red "Pimp" mobile vandalized

   A contact in the Bay Area informed us of an incident his neighbor was involved in over the weekend.

  He says when he woke up Saturday morning in his ordinarily quiet neighborhool, it was to his neighbor yelling and screaming around his new car.

   He had left it out on the street, instead of putting it in the garage, and apparently someone had put some type of urine and feces in the air vents and scratches in the hood.

  This neighbor had  apparently had some trouble with local teens and their parents, who he complained about regularly, likely because they were black.

   The teens had been yelling at him and his car, calling it the "Pimp" Mobile due to its bright red color and he had been yelling back at them, some comments racist in nature.

   Not only does the car now stink to high heaven after he started it up, but when he took it to the garage, they found some type of syrup had been put in the gas tank.

   Police said they have no evidence of who actually did the vandalism, but suggested to people with shiny new cars, especially red ones, that they be put away in a garage at night.


Anonymous said...

lol, sounds like maybe he asked for trouble.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the type. LOng as he stays down there. We've got enough of those nuts up here now.