Sunday, April 30, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Another rumor about Oliveira

   Dear Sierra Sentinel:

   Since I know you will print things people hear I thought you ought to know the latest.  I was, well it doesn't matter where, when I overheard Supervisor Oliveira's
name mentioned and it got my attention.

   The savvy was that he has ordered his favorite well-known henchmen, Preston and McManus, to go out to all the people they know and tell them NOT to shop in Arnold; that the business owners there are way too liberal.

   Per this conversation they meant NOT racist enough.  They talked about this confederate something or other to form their own state for whites only and mentioned one hardware store in Murphys that Oliveira supports.

   Now from this talk I understood that they are getting a kickback from that store for every person they can convince to go there. 

   My question is:  Does anyone do anything Preston says. I hate that racist creep and so do most others I know.  I figure he needs the money, so he'd probably do anything for it, but I think he's a sick **************** (can't write it here).

   Please tell all the other business owners you know about this.  I never either supported him or not till now and this settles it.  He's bad news for District 3. 

   I've known this country was badly divided before, but I didn't know how bad!!

   Okay, that's the latest. Please publish it. Thanks,



Anonymous said...

lol, no one listens to that racist low-life anyway

Anonymous said...

I think this has been going on for some time. It's that woman wo wen to the Supes and ranted f everytone remembers. She was one of the confederates.

Anonymous said...

Always amazed how many kkk types exist here. hear they hang out at that candyrock place.

Anonymous said...

What's going on in Oliveira's district , regarding the no parking signs put in place by the county without the issue going before the planning commission for approval and public comment and the rest of the required disclosure? Did Chairman Oliveira order the signs to be placed without proper vetting? REALLY??