Thursday, April 20, 2017

Lawsuits over racist Nazi threats and harassments

   More and more people who are regularly threatened by the mentally unstable Neo-Nazi menaces around the country, who not only TROLL people who stand up for their rights, but the rights of minorities and children, are SUING those responsible.

   For one, a woman in Montana has now sued a crazy Nazi who has threatened her, naming her family members, and encouraged others to join him in harming her for her views.

   As usual, these worthless cowards are after women. They haven't got the b**** to go after the men. Everyone is watching his lawsuit, because there are many others waiting in the wings.

    Mentally ill trolls are everywhere these days; the most crazy are in Calaveras County and other rural areas, we believe, and are very dangerous.

   This woman is suffering from emotional stress as a result of continual battering by this wack-jobs. Hope she gets millions. And we think the men responsible should be locked up in a looney bin.

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