Friday, April 21, 2017

Supervisor Mills dishonorable at CCWD and at Calaveras Supervisors???

   During the short time that Dennis Mills was part of the Calaveras County Water District board of directors, we heard NOTHING but criticism of his seeming desire to destroy everyone and everything at CCWD from within.

   Knowing that is the Tea Party and specifically the ALT-RIGHT's intention; to destroy the structure of government and make voters feels nothing can be trusted, he is now doing the same thing at the Board of Supervisors.

  He agreed to an agenda with Supervisor Garamendi and then went behind his back to other Supervisors to SCREW Garamendi.   ADHOC committees are dangerous for that reason. No evidence and no proof, no tape or other witnesses. 

    Chair  Oliveira pushed for it intentionally, we believe, in order to set Garamendi up. Now Oliveira is trying to deny it, but this Board of Supervisors is so screwed up now, they are heading down a dark alley with the dark racist Alt-Right Tea Partiers, and we are all in trouble.

   MILLS and OLIVEIRA need to be RECALLED!!!


Anonymous said...

Mills the back stabbing deceiver. I thought the BoS were supposed to work together to fix the problems in the county not GAFF one of their own. He lied and mislead Jack G. in a public forum. The way he went about it prevented anyone from public comment on his report. If he really attempts to take contractors licenses away from for doing legitimate work for growers he will find himself in an expensive civil suit that will last for a long time

Anonymous said...

I consider Mills to be a corrupt and criminal low-life. Always has been, always will be.

Anonymous said...

Talk is cheap! The ban ordinance is ALIVE! Even Bowerman likes the ban ordinance.