Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira restarting racist, gun-thug campaign for Supervisor??

  In what was a shocking display of blatant racism and crazy Candyrock gun thugs run amock, Supervisor Oliveira threatened businesses and residents in order
to get elected Supervisor.  Since then, he has tried to harm anyone who did NOT support him. He is dangerous!!!

   Now that he has been in office without doing ANYTHING but brag and boast that he knows everything for way too  long, he has decided to try and SHUT his mouth and pretend to be NICE????  But we hear the same dirty racists, smelly cops, and dirty gun thugs are running his committee.  Watch out, Ebbetts Pass!! 

   Oliveira loves Planned Development, Resolution 07-242 and has chased away the good businesses in District 3's Arnold area.  He is just part of his campaign committee, but has been married MANY more times!!

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Anonymous said...

big surprise! lol