Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Eric Prince - Blackwater arrests --Donald Trump -- Russia

   And the circle of suspicion and cover-up keeps growing every day. Who is Eric Prince, you ask?

   He's the founder of the security business, Blackwater, who was paid hundreds of millions in security fees by the US government in Iraq.  Several of their employees were arrested and are in prison for killing civilians.  Prince changed the name after the scandal.

   Also, Prince is the brother of Betsy DeVoss, Education Secretary (who is against public education), owner of Amway International. Prince was part of the campaign committee and is a big Trump donor and supporter.

   It has now been exposed that Prince was apparently sent to a remote and very private place to meet with and set up a back door communication with the Kremlin just before the inauguration.

   Now that it has been exposed, Trump is trying to deny it!  Every day a new April Fools Joke by this administration. Where will it end?

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