Sunday, April 2, 2017

President Trump is a "train wreck"

Only a matter of time now!!
  UPDATE:  While we totally understand the fear and anger of the people being subjected to this freak of nature, we cannot post comments that mention violence.

   Trump, in fact, is being sued for instilling violence at his rallies, remember.

The New York Times editorial page today heads with THE TRUMP Presidency is a 'train wreck; and goes on to state the many reasons we all must agree why this is true.

    He is not only a delusional 'tweeter', but actually walked out of his office without signing the executive orders he was supposed to sign just yesterday.  He is "unfit" for the office, but how long will his fellow Republicans let him last?


Anonymous said...

They are so very correct and the repubs will let him stay in until their rotten agenda items are completed - and because they are such rotten items, they are having trouble getting them done - so he will undoubtedly be in there "forever".

Anonymous said...

I disagree. lf they lose seats in 2018 (hopefully mcclintock first) they will consider unloading him. Besides pence is biting at the bit to get in.Trump better watch him.

Anonymous said...

We believe him to be totally mentally unstable, like most of his 'deplorable' supporters

Anonymous said...

If we can get people out to vote in 2018 and they vote democrat the results would be promising for impeachment - a democratic controlled house and senate are a must - and yes, Pence is chomping at the bit and no doubt why he accepted the VP position.

Anonymous said...

What about that D3 Supervisor. We got to eliminate him and his buds first.