Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Suddenly Sheriff Kuntz takes over Calaveras County Office of Emergency Services

  UPDATE:  We have been told that the Calaveras Sheriff's main number 209-754-6500 doesn't want to be bothered by OES calls. We aren't sure why, since its on their main website. And the county website says nothing anyone needs to know.

   Therefore, we are certain that Sheriff Kuntz will be happy to help citizens who cannot get information to call another number we've been given for him which is 209-754-6552 or even his cell number of 209-256-6184.

We are sure the Sheriff truly wants to help everyone, so if the dispatchers at the main number are mean to you or disinterested, be sure to make a complaint to him.

   We were just told that since Supervisor Cliff Edson wasn't able to handle the pressure of being the head of the Calaveras Office of Emergency Services.

     Edson had announced that it was his job at the special Calaveras Supervisors meeting where they declared Calaveras County a disaster area; he said he was surprised and laughed when he told the public he learned about it 5 minutes prior to their meeting.

   So immediately people wanted to know who was in charge and why things were so screwed up; not just with the County offices response, but with ANY emergency services being organized.
    People want to know where to call to check if their home is still intact or not and Mr. Edson had not done the required investigation into ALL of the damage done by the Butte Fire. In fact, he totally screwed up evacuations in San Andreas.

   This morning, if you search Calaveras Office of Emergency Services, the Calaveras Sheriff website pops up and there is a new statement there, stating that Sheriff Gary Kuntz is the head of the Calaveras Office of Emergency Services.

   Is that an improvement over Edson? Most likely, but not a whole heck of a lot of one.  He can't even catch the criminals in Calaveras?

   So was there a battle over control, or did Edson turn over the job, unwilling to walk the miles necessary to do the OES job?  He will walk from the kitchen to the front of his restaurant, though, carrying his meal.

   And so, if you need information on your street or residence, call 209-754-6500, the Calaveras Sheriff's Office, or you could call the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Cliff Edson at 209-612-8938.



Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? I heard Cliff Edson was crying at the thought of having to walk the Butte Fire to do the OES job!

Anonymous said...

Who knew anyone could be less competent than Kuntz? Congratulations to Edson for achieving that dubious goal.

But there is plenty of blame to go around. The initial evacuation orders and advisories last week were unclear, conflicted, and rescinded and reinstated in a way that completely undermines any confidence in our emergency services. It appears no one lost their life as a result, but I think there will be many people who will not trust any advisories and mandates during the next emergency. The Butte Fire showed very clearly that Calaveras County does not have an emergency response plan in place.

Kuntz is clearly not the answer to this problem. Sending Stockton police up the hill to serve notice along Hwy 4 but not on back streets is beyond irresponsible. Thank God there was no real need to evacuate, but imagine the consequences if the fire had really gotten to Hwy 4.

Anonymous said...

I tried to get help with locating info on my prop and the sheriff's ofc woman was downright mean that "they have nothing to do with office of emergencies--huh?

Anonymous said...

I vote for him. now i'll see if he really meant what he said about helping us.

Anonymous said...

I was just told by an insider that Kuntz didn't want the public to know. Then why is it on his website.

Anonymous said...

None of those people were helpful. What's wrong with Calaveras County?

Anonymous said...

Kuntz is just a happy. happy man.happy, happy, happy, happy