Friday, April 14, 2017

Ron Reagan....not afraid....

   The ads running on various cable channels for the Freedom From Religion Foundation are making a lot of people think twice, and three times about what has happened in America due to an attempt to force our government back under Christianity rule, as it was in England.

   The reason we left England was due to the forced religion, which controlled government and every part of peoples lives, in exclusion of all other religions.

    Ron Reagan says in the ad, "....not afraid of burning in hell!"  Very interesting.  Where can we go now to escape what the Fundamentalist Christians are forcing on us in government????


Anonymous said...

Just reading this reminds me of how we were all brainwashed by the Christian church we attended into believing theirs is the only truth. I went online to check this org out. Didn't realize how closely aligned I am.
Preachers always call atheists dirty words. It's simply not true. In many ways I agree that FREEDOM FROM RELIGION is the most important
Thank you Ron Reagan for having the guts to stand up and be counted. Not many do.

Anonymous said...

The worst example of Christian in America is those fat racist fags and dirty cops who claim to be catholic or something. makes me sick to my stomach