Thursday, April 13, 2017

Who are the real terrorists???

The true TERRORISTS are
not from foreign countries!!
   The local dangerous terrorists were mostly born somewhere else and then their parents moved them to rural areas because of their intense
inability to handle life or keep a job in the city, and live among minorities who are much smarter than they are.

   They move here and only hang around other low IQ individuals who are also intensely afraid of any minorities.  And yes, they are much more likely to hurt people that any minority.  Stay away from
racists and gun thugs, is our recommendation.

   Racism is a mental illness, in our opinion, that cannot be cured.  And these mentally unstable people NEED guns to feel safe!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, even idiot trump is unloading his racist alt-righters. says he no longer needs the scum.

Anonymous said...

They are trump supporters, or at lest they were trump supporters, lol