Friday, April 20, 2018

46 years ago.... and again TODAY!!!

Can hardly wait!!
   On June 20, 1972 the Democratic National party filed a civil lawsuit for damages they alleged
were caused by the Watergate break-in.

   At the time, they believed that not only was the Republican National party responsible, but that the trail led straight to the White House and Nixon.

   That night on the evening news, David Brinkley made fun of the lawsuit, saying why didn't the
Democrats ask for more money to pay off all their debts.

   The Chairman of the Republican Party sais similar things, like it was scurrilous and false, etc.

   Funny thing, but today, 46 years later that civil lawsuit had a child. The DNC filed a lawsuit for damages due to the hacks and damage done to the party as a result, including the Trump campaign team.

   On the day that Nixon waved goodbye for the last time, the Republican National party sent a check for $775,000 to the Democrats (they had asked for $1 million) and many Nixonites went to jail!

    And today, the FOXites and RNC Chair again made fun and insulted this lawsuit against the Trump bunch.

    Another interesting thing happened today. The judge who was assigned this case, was one of the prosecutors in WATERGATE. lol, lol!!!

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