Saturday, April 28, 2018

The golden state killer in 1978--Dirty COPs, protected by cops!!! In Calaveras County!!! # METOO!!!

   If you lived anywhere in the Sacramento area during 1978 or later, you were warned continually about what was then called the east side rapist.  At that time
I owned a home in that area and remember believing it to be a cop.

   On HLN today they are running a special on what they knew about the then cop, how he likely entered the victims home first to case it before attacking them.

    A cop often brags about how they know how to break into homes and get away with that and other crimes. They often are assisted by  a violent racist buddy, who supports their crimes.

   On HLN they are telling about how he could only become aroused through frightening the women, how he became, or was already, a psychopath.

   You have to watch this!  These cops or ex-cops are even more dangerous than anyone realizes! It was actually worse than authorities told the public at the time.

   The owners of the, especially the owners wife, has repeatedly reported someone seeming to be able to get into the home, making anonymous threats, stealing odd possessions and warning anonymously that we better move, in addition to threats of burning our home down, blowing it up with us in it, rape, etc. 

   These threats and violent actions are believed to be a result of the writing against racists and gun violence.

   In spite of all of these well documented facts, and a relative telling us the wife is likely in on it, as he says she is even more crazy than he is, the Calaveras Sheriff does nothing.

   These sick types of people have been taught to simply go about their life and pretend they know nothing about what you are talking about, calling the women accusers names, just like many men do, when accused of crimes by women.  And the cops buy it!! #METOO!!!!!!!

    The obvious insanity of their racism and violent anger toward the world, who they feel owes them a living, has been nearly always ignored far by law enforcement.

    An ex-cop should be the FIRST suspect even if they were witnessed; especially those who were forcibly removed from the job. And when they are, the Calaveras Sheriff needs to protect victims.

   When you have heard them personally rant and complain how innocent they are, you know how dangerous they could be.  It seems that the Golden State Killer had this type of anger, both towards women and law enforcement.

   In fact, if you report specific names, who may happen to be related to past law enforcement, they refuse to help, protecting them at all costs.

   It is no wonder the Golden State killer was loose as long as he was. How many other dirty cops and their female assistants are getting away with pathological behavior in Calaveras County.

   The Sheriff knows it is only a matter of time until it culminates in murder, and, as Kuntz once told us, THEN we will get them.  He was not interested in preventing the murder!!! Is DiBasilio the same type of Sheriff??

   In our opinion, cops are the most likely to be these type of criminals. It may start small over being punished for something as cops that THEY think is perfectly ok.   But it progresses!  There is no end to CRAZY!!!

   And still they are not forcing cops to give their DNA when they first get hired.

       The Golden State killer is not just an incidental cop case.  This is an example of what goes on in law enforcement; how cops get away with even murder, in our opinion.

   And no one should have to go to the FBI to get help and have criminals watched.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like if we think Calaveras is a safe place, we are wrong!

Anonymous said...

Why don't they do something???

Anonymous said...

Hold on! The killer had a wife who says she knew nothing about it. why would any woman stay with a dirty cop of any kind. She din't

Anonymous said...

So true if a woman accused a man, he will say she's crazy, she's lying, i'm innocent, bad women, thanks to #me too its a little better now.

Anonymous said...

Cops often start by just writing false reports, little things that get bigger and more criminal, as long as they get away with it.

Anonymous said...

I think they cover for each other cause they are afraid they will be caught next and need a cover.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they ever learn that ONE bad cop makes them all look bad. And when they cover, protect or in some way ddefend them, it is even worse.