Friday, April 27, 2018

What in the heck is INCEL?

   An investigation into the van killer in Toronto earlier this week has resulted in learning that he got his anger and desire to kill on an INCEL website. (IN means Involuntarily
and Cel means Celibate)

     Seems hilarious, right??  Not so funny as they encourage punishment for women. They worship a man named Elliot Rodger who killed women in California.

    Apparently it is a white supremacist male site for men who can't get women. They hate women and minorities.  We believe they are very short!!  They may be homosexual and fighting it!


Anonymous said...

Is this another name for the tea party?

Anonymous said...

these are probly the leftover trumpers like the stinky cops, the kkk facists, the drunks and the losers who can't keep jobs.

Anonymous said...

Are these the domestic terrorists like the gun creeps?