Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Calaveras Guardian: Dirty Cops still protected

  No matter what a private citizen tries to tell the Calaveras Sheriff, DiBasilio will do anything he can to protect a dirty cop
from prosecution.

   When will this ever change?  DiBasilio is one who protects people like the DIRTY COP in Citrus Heights who killed over a dozen and raped around 40, according to the FBI.

   DiAngelo was protected for 40 years!! Lock them UP!  A Dirty Cop should be locked up! A violent racist COP should be LOCKED up, not protected.  LOCK THEM UP!!

   Protect Calaveras County residents DiBasilio. Lock them UP!!! 

     I can remember having a discussion about the East Side killer in the 80's and asking if it couldn't be a cop because he knew how to get away with it.

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