Tuesday, April 24, 2018

$3000 an acre to clear-cut? Why not WATER??? Vote NO!!

   They are asking for $42 million per year to clear the land every year or $3000 per acre. This is so stupid. They could water and prevent fires and lock up the known firestarters instead.

   They are labeling this LANDSCAPING and RESTORATION?????   VOTE NO on any bonds on the ballot to fund these idiotic plans!!


Anonymous said...

Bad use of our tax money. clear cutting will only cause MORE dring and more fires. stupid idiots!

Anonymous said...

3000 dollars an acre! I paid a dude with a mini excavator to clear an acre for me. Cost me $500 bucks. SMH Typical government waste.

Anonymous said...

Bringing in water to keep it all green would be cheaper. What is wrong with these people.