Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Angels Councilwoman says man gave her emails

   In our investigation and reporting of Angels Camp City Councilwoman Hermann's use of her position as City Council to campaign for a new tax on residents, we asked where she got her email list.

   She told us "It is from a local person who was willing to help me get out information to voters, but he is removing everyone who does not want to receive my emails."

   We have since asked her WHO is this man and she has not responded. Why should he be hiding? What is he ashamed of?  We have had many complaints about Hermann's tactics in trying to get her tax increase passed.

   Hermann needs to become transparent into why she is involved in using her position as an APPOINTED City Council person to influence votes.  She needs to resign her position!!!

  Where do these nut cases come from?  We have been told she is representing some church in the area.  Bad news for Angels Camp!  Wake up, voters!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Her boyfriend wannabe cult leader Dennis Mills?