Thursday, April 12, 2018

Calaveras' Mills and Cox behind business licenses for rentals?

   After watching the video of Tuesday April 10, 2018 meeting of the Calaveras Supervisors, it became perfectly clear that Supervisor Mills and his friend Jack Cox of Lake Tulloch, were involved in the scandal of Tax Collector Barbara Sullivan's Business Licenses attack.

   It appears that Mills, now under RECALL in District 4 for his corrupt behaviors, is trying to help his personal friend Langan get votes in the District 3 Supervisor race and hurt Oliveira, current Supervisor.

   We agree with Oliveira that the code does not specifically identify renting your own home out as a business, but County Counsel says they can get away with it.

   Also interesting is that if you rent your home out, you must state the value of any furnishings or supplies in that home for that purpose, to the Calaveras Assessor.

   There are MANY rentals in the Ebbetts Pass area.


Anonymous said...

The County knows it's budget will collapse when last year's Measure C tax money runs dry. They are scrambling to squeeze the residents for as much as they can get; increases in property taxes, Water Fees, TOT tax increase, and now going after private short-term rentals.

Anonymous said...

Airbnb. People should not be able to rent their home. Now that Mills is known to be behind the current prop tax increase and tot increase and water sewer increase. Gotta pay for your ban some way. Thanks MR. MIlls for changing our county so all will have less money. His former campaign manager lanagan has some just plain stupid idea for business growth!!! Why will business come here? Seniors on fixed income don't spend money. Recall Mills an don't vote for the fraudulent lanagean.

Anonymous said...

He did it to hurt Oliveira. Did you see how Oliveria kept staring at him?

Gina Gonzales said...

Dennis Mills is not "behind the TOT TAX" it is very very needed here it does not effect us as a resident at all. it is applied to anyone staying here in a hotel, motel, or bnb. He knows we as a county are behind is fees for building permits, he has helped our county more than Olivera has. He attends meetings here an in Sac.
Olivera is so soft I watch him in meetings and he just sits there DOES NOTHING.