Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira riding in DANGEROUS harassing helicopter???

   Supervisor Oliveira did not bring up our complaint about the Calaveras Sheriff using their Sierra Air Helicopters
to try and cause DANGEROUS problems and of invasion of privacy on property of people who have complained or not supported his corrupt regime or Sheriff's department.

  In fact, during the agenda item to increase the amount of tax money spent on these helicopters being used for personal vengeance, the only person to ask questions was Bill McManus.

   McManus hinted by asking if any Supervisors were given rides in these helicopters, in effect, bringing up that if must have been with Oliveiras blessing that Sierra Air Helicopter nearly landed illegally on our land.

     This shows why Oliveira did not bring up my email informing them of the corruption; because he was trying to tell us that Oliveira was IN ON IT!  Thank you Mr. McManus!!! 

   The Board went ahead to approve the increase in our tax money to spy on voters who do not support their corruption. 

   Even Jack Garamendi, who we believed was against this kind of corruption, kept silent about the email letter.  Shameful!!

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Anonymous said...

Did the aviation people investigate?