Thursday, April 5, 2018

Did Calaveras deputy Crabtree get promotion for COVER-UP??? Corruption!!!

   After our now dead Sheriff Kuntz reported to us that he had received an email from Michael Preston, admitting to death threat, Kuntz said he would turn the email over to DA Yook immediately.

   He assigned the case to Deputy Crabtree, who we have email regarding his report on this case. Weeks went by and we reported to the DA and turned over our email, suggesting she confiscate Kuntz computer for the evidence.

   Then one day Yook appeared at our office, saying she had a CONFLICT of INTEREST and could not handle the complaint.  While she was standing there, Deputy Crabtree walked in, and the DA left.

   Crabtree proceeded to make up a lie that he had forgotten to write it up, regardless of the fact of our email. He said he was going to have to get more training.   False report??? Fired?? NO!!

   I personally said "STINKING NO GOOD COPS!" to him and after a minute or so of standing in the doorway, he left, LIAR and COVER-UP dirty cop that he was.

    Of course, he was covering up for Kuntz, who realized that he could NOT turn over the email because Mr. Preston was one of the people who campaigned for him.

   DA Yook was married to a deputy who worked for Kuntz and was afraid he would lose his job.

   Yook could care less about women who are victims of crimes, especially from racist thugs!!

   Suddenly, we discovered that Crabtree was promoted, not retrained, and he now runs the helicopter searches for pot.

   In fact, we have a complaint against he and the Sheriff's Office for hovering a small red and white helicopter on our land, only around 30' off the ground, speeding off crazily when they saw me watching them!

       DiBasilio has done nothing about this danger!  He sent a deputy out and we were not even allowed a copy of the report they most likely falsified.  Crabtree????

   And DiBasilio says he has NO corruption or morale issues?  He IS the corruption and morale problem. It comes from the top.

   The person who Kuntz told us admitting to writing the   death threat, Kuntz called him Preston, was NEVER arrested.

   Preston had also been turned in for threatening President Obama in a public place, and he was not arrested for that either.

   If you ever have a crime committed against you by these stinking no good racists, you will find out that the CORRUPTION at the top, DiBasilio on down, is rampant in Calaveras.


Anonymous said...

I think Kuntz died for his many sins, don't yu?

Anonymous said...

Has the sheriff commented on this or are they being quiet?