Sunday, April 8, 2018

Is Sierra Air Helicopter the POT hunter??? Or harassment of citizens???

   On the Consent Agenda is renewing the Calaveras Sheriff's contract with Sierra Air Helicopter. Are they the helicopters who are swooping in and harassing innocent people in their back yards?

   Are these the small helicopters who are virtually silent so they can invade residents privacy for corrupt purposes due to DiBasilio's illegal behavior.  His harassment of anyone who makes a complaint against his office is well-known by us.

   The Sheriff now only allows this abuse of power, but encourages it, with the helicopters only GUNNING it to escape when a homeowner sees them.

   We are told that Calaveras Deputy Crabtree is the one responsible for the corruption of the POT helicopter. He is the one who we are told got a promotion to the helicopters to repay him for a cover-up at the department.

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Anonymous said...

Using taxpayer funds for personal vendettas? Big surprise!!