Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Is that crazy wacko Dennis Mills, Linda Hermann's boyfriend???

   As you may have read, we received an anonymous comment that Calaveras Supervisor Dennis Mills gave Linda Hermann HIS email list, to campaign for more taxes, among other corrupt ideas.

   Not only did this person state that Mills is responsible for the list, but that he is her boyfriend and that Dennis Mills is a wannabe CULT leader.   We have asked Hermann to comment and will advise you when she does.

   Mills is one of the three well-known Calaveras RATS, who are against the people, are trying to invoke TRUMP's maniacal ideas, not to mention extremist religion into the government here locally. Hermann is at least a CLOSE friend of Mills, we are told.

   Mills is under RECALL!!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the day that lying parrot of Jack Cox and his regime of misinformation is gone.

Anonymous said...

NOthing would surpise me with either mills, cox or Hermann. nut cases in corrupt webs.