Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Let's talk about Planned Development and Callaway--corruption with Jon Ellis!!!!

  After sending an email to Merita Callaway commending her on her performance at the Arnold candidates night, we asked her why Planned Development was allowed to destroy

   Her answer was "the 8 person committee an the public meetings did not have an issue with PD". Well, we have to tell you, folks THAT IS A LIE.

    Having attended at least one meeting a man named Jon Ellis made it clear that no matter how much we complained and warned what Planned Development would do to Arnold, he had made a deal with Callaway, because SHE wanted it.

   What was that backroom deal?? Seems one-time candidate for Supervisor Jon Ellis was developing the old scout camp and wanted his land to be moved OUT of the Arnold Community Plan.

   Funny, because only one Supervisor meeting after he got that Planned Development approved, he was at the Calaveras Supervisors, and he GOT HIS land moved OUT of the Arnold Community Plan.

   Corruption never stops.  We are very concerned that there will be MORE crooked back room deals if she gets back in.



Anonymous said...

I had forgotten all about that guy. Is he still around?

Anonymous said...

Yes, he was a total crook, too!

Anonymous said...

Just the name jon ellis makes me puke!

Anonymous said...

Face it! Planned Development is nothing more than a scam ellis and callaway cooked up to force business owners to pay and pay and pay to try and get a permit to open or remodel a business, which will in effect, bankrupt them. Money for the government coffers!! Loss for businesses.

Anonymous said...

Probably one of those things where she felt the END was worth the corruption.