Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Letter to the Editor: PG&E fires

  Dear Editor of Sierra Sentinel:

   Was reading your article about the lawsuit by Calaveras on PG&E and realized quickly that PG&E could care less about its customers, except as cash cows.

   Look at San Bruno!  They knew there were problems underground but let them go until some nice people had to die and others lose their homes horrifically.

   Now the fires attributed to overhead power are blamed on US, the ratepayers because we like the trees. PG&E claims they are protecting us from fire ONLY by cutting down all trees.

  B.S.  Why don't they get forced to bury ALL power lines, especially in rural areas, where they know fires can be caused by them? 

   WHY?  Because they think it's cheaper to pay off poor people whose homes burn down because of what I call their negligence at leaving live power in the air!!

   Something needs to be done!  Why doesn't the PUC force them or the state legislature?  Does NO ONE care that California is burning; lately in large part due to PG&E power lines?

   They are raising our rates to pay for the law suits, so they certainly could for burying all their lines! Thank you Sentinel, for pointing these things out to us.

    E in Arnol

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Anonymous said...

Here! Here! Past time they bury everything, phone too.