Sunday, April 15, 2018

Oliveira too big a BULLY and BRAGGART to be good Calaveras Supervisor

BUZZ SAW of Ebbetts Pass, where the big
business is CLEAR-CUTTING by SPI
    BUZZ SAW of Ebbetts Pass:

Many who voted for Michael Oliveira for District 3 Supervisor in Calaveras County last time, now say they were taking a chance
and believed his promises of a booming Arnold and jobs!!!

   That hasn't happened, and he says he needs another 4 years to finish the job. Problem is, most people we speak with say he's all talk and bragging and bullying and NO ACTION.

   It is very possible Callaway may defeat him in the primary or there could be a run-off between Callaway and Langen, since the anti-pot people are voting for him. Very interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Time and time again, year after year I see those from Arnold complaining that someone is not doing enough for them. When I take the occasional trip around the county looking at what is happening, Arnold is always more run down. It is obvious the business and private property owners have no pride of ownership. Get off your elder complaining rears and clean up your community. Fix, repair and beautify, making it a place where someone might want to stop and spend some time.