Saturday, April 7, 2018

Trump is a danger???

   Everywhere we go these days, people are expressing fear, anxiety and dread over what is going on at our
White House.

   Trumps loss of mental stability, his chaotic behavior and lack of control have affected our Markets, our relationships with allies, and our trust of each other as a result. 

  Something needs to be done about him. The only Republicans willing to admit the frenzy and
quitting, and it is very likely that Democrats will take over, at least the House of Representatives.

   If Mueller hasn't acted before January, Trump is most likely to become even more unraveled and we believe more dangerous to the United States of America.

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Anonymous said...

The candidate and party each of us supports should reflect our own personal values and beliefs. Think about this before you vote again. Make no mistake, today's GOP is not the "GOP of old" - simply voting GOP "because you always have" is not a valid reason. Think about your alliance to this party and its candidates, and be strong enough to change your voting preference IF the current day's GOP values and beliefs do not align with yours.