Wednesday, April 11, 2018

OP-ED: What do GUNS and TREES have in common??

   So, what is it that puts guns and trees in a common bond?

   Gun advocates say "Guns
don't shoot people; people shoot people!"  That gives you the right to keep guns, right!

   Tree advocates say "Trees don't start fires;  people start fires!"  So, as the GUN right wing tries to make you cut down all your trees, they have to know this is true about TREES, just as it is about GUNS!!

   Property owners are sick of all the crazy tree cutters all over, and CalFire, just trying to force property owners (except for SPI) what they can do with their property.

   Just as gun owners have rights, so do TREE owners, who love them and love the wildlife that cannot survive without woodlands, natural woodlands.

   We hear more and more that GUN rights advocates are keeping their GUNS; so TREE advocates should YELL and scream like they do; LEAVE OUR TREES ALONE!!!

   People who love their trees have JUST as much right to keep them as the crazy nut GUN psychos have to keep all their guns!!!!


Anonymous said...

This is so true. No good guns are protected and trees are not?

Anonymous said...

IF you have the right to keep guns, you have the right to own your trees. Guns are MUCH more dangerous. Good for you.