Monday, November 5, 2018

Aren't you PROUD of being a RACIST???

   Everyone has noticed lately that whether on FACEBOOK or other regular social networks, the RACISTS have gone into hiding.

   People we witnessed posting hate messages and racist epithets have removed them from their Facebook pages. Are they ashamed?

   The Sierra Sentinel is PROUD to publish our ideals of inclusion, pro-job, gun control and pro-cannabis legislation to better our communities and our state. 

  Yesterday we were told to go look at a certain racist violent cop's newest Facebook page, where he tries to make himself look like a little flower child who just loves everyone and has peace in his heart, when we have witnessed the opposite.

   Another person who is a vile gun and Trump proponent has also removed their sick rhetoric suddenly, we have been told and then witnessed for ourselves.

   These people have not changed or become good people suddenly, but are trying to hide their hate, loathing, violence against women and racism. Why are they so ashamed?   Hmmmmm....

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Anonymous said...

lllloooolllll! Ollie and dibas told them to hideout till after they get elected cause they hurt their chances.