Friday, November 16, 2018

DiBasilio played both sides and won the election: Oliveira did NOT!

   In order to WIN at the Sheriff race, DiBasilio knew he needed votes from both pro and con cannabis voters.  It worked for him. He won his election!

   However, Oliveira, who was instrumental in getting DiBasilio (the lowest rated man on the totem pole) the original temporary appointment as Sheriff, was not as lucky.

   Oliveira, in Calaveras District 3, waffled, flip-flopped and never could seem to tell the truth about where he stood on cannabis or anything else, LOST his re-election!

   DiBasilio did NOT assist Oliveira in his attempt to gain another 4 years and a lifetime retirement benefit!  Why? 

   We hear that Oliveira is not going to use his experience to help Ebbetts Pass; that he is RETIRING fully!  Going back home to the Bay Area??

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