Friday, November 9, 2018

Lame Duck Supervisors meet in Calaveras

Squaaaawwwk, Quaaaack! Is this the
correct foot?  Squaawwwk!!
   Two Supervisors who did not get re-elected last Tuesday will likely still show
up for their lame-duck meetings until January of 2019.

   Tuesday November 13, 2018 is the next Calaveras Supervisor Board meeting.

   Oliveira of District 3 and Clyde Clapp of District 5 lost BIGLY in their attempts to get another term of office.

     Callaway won in District 3 and Stopper won in District 5 and will take their seats in January.


Anonymous said...

He's more like a DEAD DUCK if you ask me!

Anonymous said...

I think clapper is a mentally disturbed duck, along with his campaign chair.

Anonymous said...

Did you read his mymotherlode interview?? He stated he would run as a communist if he ran for supervisor again

Anonymous said...

I read that too. The idiot said everyone that ran as a republican lost. Stopper is republican. How could you not know your only competitor?

Anonymous said...

Oliveira has always been a lame duck!!! And the mutterties, omg.