Friday, November 2, 2018

Lisa Muetterties losing it! Doesn't like losing power! Calaveras Supervisors!

   As of this morning, we have been told that Lisa Muetterties, close friends of the racist Michael Preston (the one who threatened President Obama, saying "SHOOT the N***** and basically destroying the coffee shop's business), and Michael
Oliveira have become total scunges!

   Muetterties has been busy with a woman named Pam Bowman and another named Alice Montgomery, to spread filthy lies about Supervisor Callaway because they are behind and losing the election.

   If anything makes us mad, its women who have less couth than the men they hang out with. Makes us want to support the women they try to falsely smear even more.

   GET RID OF MUETTERTIES!!  VOTE for CALLAWAY!!! We need to return honor to the Calaveras Supervisors!


Unknown said...

While you are free to write what you wish, I have to say that seeing my name in your post is a surprise. I do support Mike Oliviera, I have not spread lies about Merita. In fact I like Merita. Just dont agree with her politically. I do not associate with Mike Preston. I'm wondering how I got involved in your story? I hope this clarifies. I'm sorry that you have such a low opinion of someone you don't know.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Muetterties was also complicit in the attempted shut down of the Black Bear Inn. Both her and Michael Oliveira collaborated to find a reason to shut down parking on Oak Ct, which would have ruined wedding and party events at the Black Bear. Then Oliveira and Tim Muetterties actually show up at the Black Bear and tell the Davisons that they can resolve the situation by paying 5,000 an event to rent the street parking in front of their Inn! Classic shakedown!!! LUCKILY, Fredom of Information emails were obtained and the court case was ruled in favor of our adorable and renown Black Bear Inn. But.....the cost to fight this corruption, anti business, gangster like behavior was expensive. Those amazing owners should have never been harassed and bullied by an elected Supervisor and his incompetent Muetterties disciples who are just horrible at whatever they touch. Thank goodness Tim Muetterties lost to Leslie Davis in a landslide in this year's primary.....just like Oliveira will lose also.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for the Black Bear Inn. Beautiful place!

Anonymous said...

this mob like behavior needs to stop.